Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Annotation #8

The Hearts Desire
This article talks about how Leigh spent four years and $300,000 to have a baby. She went through a lot to have a baby. She saw 10 different doctors. It continues with her story. Then the article continues with other topics such as the high cost that is part of the in vitro, also the risk of disappointment that it may or may not work. The risks and demands of pregnancy after 20, also why the fertility declines. The higher miscarriage rates also. The article includes the different sides of the story and gives a lot of detail.

Another Annotation #7

"In Vitro Fertilization (IVF-ET)"
This article includes things such as the history, Questions and Answers, the basic on what it is. The main thing to this article though is the Questions and Answers. There are a lot of FAQ (frequently asked questions). Like the basics, such as how many times can this happen per couple, or How soon will I know if i am pregnant or not? Then it gives the basic outline of how it happens and what happens during the process. And then the history of the basic background.

Another Annotation #6

"Gay men and lesbians utilizing infertility clinics to have babies"
This article is talking about how gays and lesbians are having the opportunity to have kids through in vitro fertilization. It also includes facts that go along with it like the costs and what you have to have in order to be able to go through the in vitro process. Then it also includes stories of people and there experiances with their children that they have through the in vitro process.

Another Annotation #5

"U.K gays go statewide for in vitro babies"
This article is about how people in the United Kingdom can pay about $65,000 to create a baby AND designate it's sex with the in vitro fertilization program for two-father families. the article talks about all the different costs for different clinics. It also talks about whether its a good idea or not.

Another Annotation #4

"IVF Babies: Trouble in the Making?"
After 27 years and 2 million in vitro babies, scientists still cant say for sure that those children will grow old and normal. There could still be problems that haven't been able to notice. The article says that there are new worries about the in vitro procedure. There are many worries on how the baby that could turn out. There are worries such as the child could have low birth weight. It all comes down to whether or not the in vitro is safe or not. And should they be doing studies to figure out if there are things that we should be worried about.

Another Annotation #3

"In-Vitro Fertilization Guidelines"
This article is about how the In-Vitro works and how there are plus and minuses to the issue. It also talks about how the adviser's are calling for new research into the long term health of babies born with aid such as the In-Vitro Fertilization.

Another Annotation

" A Wrinkle on Motherhood"
This article is about how there are people that are having kids at the age of 50 +. The doctor said that she did a double take when she saw the age of Morgans mother. She thought that it was a typo when she read 51. (Rita Rubin) Morgan said that she was use to the reactions that she received about her mothers age. The main point is that older women in their 40,50, even early 60's are having children through In Vitro Fertilization. The older women are putting it as No matter what age they are their children wouldn't have life. And the article continues to tell stories of women's experiences with having children at an older age.